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Luis Perez-Grau, Ph.D. is the founder of iandDNA, an organization facilitating international interactions in research and technology in the agricultural and food sectors, located in Davis, California. As a Director of IRTA-Cal from 2002 to 2012, Dr Perez-Grau built research collaborations between the University of Calfiornia and IRTA-Department of Agriculture, Barcelona, Spain in agbiotech and biotechnology. Dr Perez-Grau’s interest in agricultural biotechnology was developed at UCLA (1986-1990) researching the regulation of gene expression networks in oil seeds and Arabidopsis, at Du Pont Company (1991-1993) working on the identification and isolation of fatty acid biosynthesis genes, the regulation of their expression and their application to engineering oil desaturation in transgenic plants and mutant lines of soybean and canola, Calgene (1993-1997) and Monsanto (1997-2000) working on engineering pigment production in cotton fiber and oil seeds and the application of structural and functional genomic strategies in agriculture.

During his recent position as Director of IRTA-Cal, Dr. Perez-Grau worked closely with University of California researchers, professors, administrators and intellectual property officers to identify and take advantage of synergies and common interests in basic research between UC Davis and the Department of Agriculture in Barcelona at IRTA in Spain. These activities resulted in developing transformation protocols for pepper, components for an ELISA test for Cucumber Vein Yellowing Virus, and mutagenized populations of pepper plants for molecular screening by TILLING for enhanced fruit properties. Dr. Perez-Grau also introduced novel olive plant materials to UC Davis and established a network of distribution partners for IRTA’s plant materials in California.

Lluis Perez-Grau Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Barcelona, Spain, is an inventor in several US patents (8 granted patents) and author of several research publications in the field of gene structure and function in eukariots, from structure of chromosomes to regulation of gene expression in plant development. Dr. Perez-Grau is the recipient of a Fulbright Research Scholarship (1986-88) and an ICREA award from the Institute for Advanced Research of the Government of Catalonia 2002-2011 that facilitated the establishment of the IRTA-Cal research collaboration program.

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